Forex and Stocks Education


Build your confidence and learn how to trade forex and stocks with a wealth of educational tools and online resources.

Beginner Guide

If you’re Newbie learn simple and basic terms that you need to know as a beginner to start trading Forex and Stocks.

In this section, you will learn the Basic Concepts of Forex Trading. You will make all the steps required to start trading currencies.This Guidebook cover all topics including What is Forex, How to Trade Forex, When to Trade Forex etc.

Elementary Guide

Learn various aspects of Technical and Fundamental analysis and forecast where the prices of currency pairs will go in future.

In this Elementary section, you can focus on Market Analysis. Here we will discuss how to use the Technical and Fundamental Analysis to analyze the price of the currency pairs. You will learn how to find the support and the resistance level while placing the order. The following are some of the important economic factors that you will need to analyze the market movements.

Intermediate Guide

Learn how to apply trading strategies to stay profitable and how to use advanced tools to minimize losses.

In intermediate section, you will find out what trading styles and strategies are there and learn how to create your own plan. You will also find out sophisticated tools and techniques of market analysis, for example, Japanese candlesticks and Fibonacci retracement.

Experienced Guide

Learn all the strategies and tips of risk management that you need to power up your Trading Career.

Risk Management in Forex trading is one of the most reliable key elements. Effective risk management will allow you to minimize the losses that will occur on the market fluctuations. It will allow the trader to undertake individual actions to protect from losses on the downside trade. To manage the Risk you will need to place the correct position size and orders to stop losses in the trade while entering and closing to the market position.